PAint Is mY EscaPe…

Today I just Realize so many things and one of those is this ” Paint is my Escape from Reality”. I am a painter. Yes, I am! But I am not great at it. In fact, I paint when I just feel it. And I feel it almost 9 days/360 days. Hmmp… Let’s don’t just limit Paint here to paintings, let’s include drawings, sketches and other form of visual arts.

When I was a child, around 5 years of age, I draw sketches of a house with 3 floors, full of appliances, and with a happy family living on it. The very opposite of life which I live :).
I don’t want to talk about my life now. Maybe when I am ready :). ┬áBut I want to share this Idea. That is, when we paint or draw we visualize who we are before, who we are now and who will be us in the future. Though I use art as an Escape of my real world it still determines who am I.